Premier Silver Mattress

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This mattress is ideal for all those who like mattresses of medium hardness or have problems with back and leg pain. The height of the mattress is 20 cm. The core of the Silver Premier mattress consists of ultra performance elastic foam, standard PU foam, and pocket springs. Thanks to modern technology, the core of the Silver Premier mattress provides support for the whole body.


copy of Happy Mattress

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A healthy environment is important both for us and for the generations that follow us. In our new range, Lemon, the gifts of nature are transformed into a natural product par excellence, which is used in the manufacture of our mattresses, toppers and pillows.


copy of Diamond Red Mattress

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If you do not find the dimensions you need, we will help you and make you the topper exactly on the desired size. Contact us at 0753011366 / 0753427603.