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Blue Moon Mattress

The Blue Moon mattress is the most advanced of the Pocket spring series. We take the adaptive comfort of memory foam and combine it with the advanced support of pocket springs. It's the perfect balance for better sleep.

Our support border helps distribute body pressure evenly, providing support on all sides of the mattress. I added comfort foam for increased flexibility and a personalized feel.

Karma Mattress

A pocket springs mattress consists of springs individually wrapped in fabric, so that they work independently of each other and each spring reacts to the weight exerted directly on it. 

High Resilience Foam is an innovative polyurethane foam, which has a much higher degree of responsiveness than memory foam.

Star Mattress

The pocket springs that form the basis of this mattress allow each spring unit to reduce the potential disturbance generated by your partner's movements, so that you can benefit from a restful sleep.

The mattress is reversible so that it allows you to choose your preferred hardness. It benefits from the Best Sleep Air ventilation system on the sides, allowing air to circulate freely.

100% Natural latex topper 5cm,
organic cotton cover
Starting from 819.83 lei

100% Natural Latex
Pillow Oval shape
Starting from 261.80 lei

100% Natural Latex
Pillow Ergonomic Shape
Starting from 261.80 lei

Free delivery Mattresses

BestSleep mattresses are delivered free to our customers. They are pressed, rolled and transported to your home. A good day starts with a good sleep, and our mattresses have been designed to offer you a sublime sleep.

Types of mattresses sold by us: mattresses with pocket springs, mattresses with foam, latex, coconut and toppers.


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